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ILIOTEC,  the Regensburg photovoltaics specialist, is a skilled partner to contact concerning PV systems: ILIOTECoffers the entire service spectrum from project management to inspection and approval and start of operations. In addition, maintenance and follow-up support regarding the system are also part of the the ILIOTECportfolio.  This range of services includes photovoltaics systems of any size – from 2 kWp systems on detached homes to solar farms with outputs in the MWp range.

This company, which belongs to the FRONTERIS group, puts a strong focus on a new trend: leasing photovoltaics systems. This option is particularly of interest to small and medium-sized businesses that are aiming to be as self-sufficient as possible with regard to electricity and may want to generate solar power on the roof of a production hall, for example, but do not want to invest in their own system. Leased PV plants are also desirable as interesting investment models.

Skilful storage is necessary to maximise your own consumption of the electricity you generate yourself: In this regard, ILIOTEC analyses the load profile – the chronological sequence of the electricity consumption in a household – beforehand in order to draft an individual storage architecture based on the results. Existing systems can also be retrofitted with a storage system of course.

  • Many years of experience: over 15 years of professional experience and over 13,000 customers; this makes ILIOTEC Service GmbH a pioneer in the solar sector. ILIOTEC Service GmbH has multiple “TÜV” certifications.
  • Photovoltaics specialist: successful both regionally and internationally
  • Safety & Quality: ILIOTECmeets the highest requirements concerning safety and quality – safety and quality are a priority for ILIOTEC
  • Our system spectrum: Detached houses, carports, industrial roofs and open areas: our system spectrum ranges from private homes to megawatt plants on office and industrial roofs and on open areas
  • Leasing PV systems is a new segment: Especially for small and medium-sized companies that want to reserve their capital for investments in their core business
  • Service: The service spectrum ranges from project management to inspection and approval to the professional start of operations
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